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LTO Network: Presentation, partners and safe staking!

What is LTO Network?

The adventure began in 2014 for LTO Network and many customers are now part of the story. Most blockchain projects are related to financial transactions (maybe too much) using smart contracts.

As a result, this leaves a huge space for B2B (Business to Business) still untapped.

The will of the companies is simple; reduce administrative, paperwork and other paperwork costs. It was through the blockchain that they found a way to automate the whole process, and this between the companies themselves; fairly and without having to trust each other. This is made possible by blockchain technology and Smart Contract. That's what LTO Network offers with its hybrid network for workflows. Through its network, it enables organizations to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data privacy.

The LTO network infrastructure allows different parties, with opposing economic and / or political interests, to work in the same process without having to trust each other or a third party. To facilitate this, LTO Network has developed live contracts. Similar to a smart contract, a real contract provides a dynamic method for defining logic in the blockchain. However, the goal of an open-ended contract is not just to determine the state of a process, but also to actively inform users and computers of the steps it contains. In other words, a live contract is a workflow. A workflow is a sequence of associated steps or processes required to perform a particular task.

Think of it as follows: a workflow has rules, in which a given action triggers another, and so on. A workflow always contains some logic ; Take, for example, the rule that signing can only occur after approval, or refusal instead of approval would result in redrafting the agreement. The LTO network manages business process management between parties in the blockchain. Fixed-term contracts can be applied in a wide range of areas, such as supply chain, insurance, health care and KYC procedures. In addition, the system can be used for legal contracts such as leases and NDA contracts.


LTO Network already has many partners and companies using its network within their infrastructures in different domains. Check the updated source of all partner and strategic plan here

  • REAL ESTATE: Deloitte, MSeven, OSRE, Merin, Stena, CMS Law
  • TRANSFER PRICING AUTOMATION (DTM): Heineken, Euronext, Velcro, Cloud9
  • NOTARY SERVICES: Firm24, Damste Notary, Hekkelman Notary, Lint Notary, and 20 more notaries
  • LEGALFLING: sexual consent on the blockchain

LTO Network is working with the Dutch government on several pilots for automating data exchange for criminal cases and reducing the paperwork within the various stakeholders in the execution of the process. It is clear that the LTO Network is already running and functional. This is shown by the importance of customers already using its hybrid blockchain network and the long-term increase in the number of transactions.

Find all partners on Medium

LTO is also a partner with BITMAX where it is already listed.

To date 12,000 daily transactions take place per day and is continuously increasing. This is a proof of adoption and a real use case!

Staking & Lease: Earn LTO passively while sleeping

The LTO blockchain works with a slightly modified Proof-of-Stake system in Lease Proof of Stake. You don’t need a trusted person with this method. This is a way to allow everyone to become a Holder in the long run to reward the good maintenance of the LTO network.

LPoS allows holders to lease their tokens in a Node. The leased funds remain under the full control of the owner and can be moved or used at any time (when the lease ends). The more funds are important on the node, the greater the weight it has on the network ; increasing its chances of being allowed to add a block of transactions to the blockchain. All rewards received are shared proportionately with the leasers. This is the approach taken by the LTO network. This is a way to allow everyone to become a Holder in the long run to reward the good maintenance of the LTO network.

We have our own Node that is already operational. In addition to having the lowest fees of the market (3.5%) we are fully transparent, allowing all users to check the good sharing rewards. We have also added an affiliate system that rewards users to invite friends to join the pool. This system earns 0.5% of your referral reward. The more your referral lease; the more you get.

With the increasing number of transactions that increases daily the number of reward will grow in turn. Currently the Return Of Interest is quiet low but as the reward system is bonded to the number of transactions, the estimation of the team is to get around a 60% ROI by the end of the year.

LTO community & Tech Tool

LTO has created a special connection with its community. Unlike some ICOs that make airdrops to attract potential investors, LTO Network has decided to launch a big Bounty program to increase user involvement in the advancement and improvement of its project and network. Thus each person can via their website community.lto.network help to make known LTO Network through the writing of articles or videos. It is also possible to highlight some bugs or problems found on the LTO community platform, network or GitHub. This system makes it possible to bring to the fore the implication of the users on the project and not only of likert and twitter a post. This involves everyone who wants to see this project move forward and in a certain way, and surely one of the best, to make LTO Network better in the long run.

In addition to a strong community. LTO Network has set up the docs.lto.network site which contains all the explanations about the project and the tools made available to users or created by them.

There are 3 sections:

  • Company Area: You can find all information about LTO Network, including technology, token utility and distribution, our customers and more. The goal of this section is to provide a complete overview of the project and is provided by the LTO team directly.
  • Community Area: This section is dedicated to involving the community in our daily development. We are not just announcing clients and post-updates, we are empowering the community of LTO Network's development.
  • Developper Area: This section is dedicated to the more technically-advanced, including information about hashing, NG protocol, standard transactions, API documentation, and other code features.

We can see that the community is put forward through the rewards available to all those wishing to invest in the project. On the other hand, all useful information is easily accessible which highlights the transparency and reliability of the project.

LTO NETWORK: some metrics

LTO network supply data
Initial supply : 500,000,000 LTO
Burned supply : 45,685,368

Supply Details
Total supply : 454 314 632 LTO
Circulating Mainnet : 138,793,021.66 LTO
Private Supply Mainnet : 268,985,523 LTO
Circulating ERC20 : 43,369,419.88 LTO
Private supply ERC20 : 3,166,667
Company wallets : Wallet on etherscan

ERC20 Tokens: 10%
Mainnet Token : 90%

Usefull links
Website: lto.network
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LTOnetwork
Medium: https://medium.com/LTOnetwork
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/LTOinfo
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/LTOnetwork
Github: legalthings.github.io/lto